My major flaw as a person is cursing. Growing up I was told cursing wasn’t good and not lady like. Also my spiritual grandparents are jehovah witnesses, which mean that growing up I knew cursing was a sin. I don’t curse at home because I know it’s wrong and because if I did my head would get knocked off by my mom.

I do know that cursing is wrong and not right but it is really hard for me to not curse. I started cursing in the sixth grade, because I noticed that my friends were. So I added it to my vocabulary, and ever since then my mouth has been reckless when I’m not home.

Sometimes I will catch myself at home, I’ll almost slip and say a curse word. Because my brain, and my mouth is so used to it. Even I curse around my teachers which isn’t a good. I do apologize, but I should still try to learn how to control my mouth or at least think before I speak.

What I’m most proud of

What I am most proud of is me making it through high school. When I first walked into NFA as an freshman in high school, the first thing that I thought was that these last four years are the years that tell me if I’m gonna make it in life or not. High school has taught me a lot. One thing it taught me was that if you don’t do good now it will affect you later, that not everyone that you walk in with will leave with you, and that to be successful you have to try. Because if you don’t then nothing will happen with your life. Me being a senior about to graduate and go in to college, to do my 10-12 years to become the pediatrician that I dreamed of being since I was 10 years old. Makes me proud of myself. To know that I’m making my mom proud makes me feel like I’m the only star I the galaxy.

What I’m most ashamed of is my attitude towards certain things. Sometimes when things don’t go my way or when things are to challenging, my attitude changes. This is not a good thing, because most of the time I will not do what I need to do. This attitude happens at home, but it mostly happens at school. When this happens I get upset, and start to complain.

My biggest regret

My biggest regret would be always giving up on myself. When I am challenged by things I usually just tell myself I can’t do this or I don’t want to do that. This has caused my grades to go down in school, but most importantly it has changed my life.

I mostly regret giving up on myself because I know I can do the things that challenge me, but for some reason once I tell myself I’m not doing this or that, I’m not doing this.

Me giving up on myself has stopped me from doing a lot of things that have come in my life. Something happens, and if the thing that happens challenges me. I don’t want to do it.

Me giving up on myself is an ongoing regret, I do try to tell myself that I can do it, and I will do it. But the Negative always wins. Some day I hope I can overcome this problem, or else this will always be something that I will regret in life. If I don’t I hope it doesn’t affect me from doing big things. Because the most littlest things can turn big and ruin everything.

So my advice to myself would be just keep pushing yourself, do things that are difficult, find ways that help things that are challenging to me to become unchallenging,And last but not least just be the best person I can be in life.

Human question

I’ve never been able to feel isolated before with the dreams that I had. My family has always pushed me with my goals that I have. They always make sure that I’m doing what I need to do so I can become successful in life.

I can say my mom is my biggest supporter. She is the number one person that keeps me in check, my mom not being able to accomplish her goals makes me want to accomplish mine. My mother being my biggest support system she has honestly never made me feel like. I’ve been isolated. My mother has made me feel like I can do anything, and everything.

The reason that I try to work so hard in school is so that I can have a good job and have money, happiness, and an overall good life.

And hopefully I will never feel isolated or alone in life, but if I do I hope to overcome.


What I personally struggle with is procrastination. I procrastinate all the time to the point where sometimes I forget to do the work. Like this blog I had days to start this blog but decided to do it last minute. Which can sometimes make my blogs horrible. Studying I always wait last minute to do so, I’ll study that day of the test or not at all, and end up regretting it because my grade that I got was horrible or it was barley passing. Doing laundry I’ll procrastinate with doing that, only because I hate doing my laundry, I hate the folding part the most because it just takes to long. So since I know I hate folding my clothes I’ll wait till the last minute. Like sometimes my mom will tell me to do something while she’s at work and I’ll do it 30 minutes before she comes home instead of doing it right when she leaves. But I do get it done.

I don’t know where this struggle comes from, maybe it comes from within myself but I don’t know. It’s my choice nobody else’s so I can’t blame it on anyone or anything because I do it to myself. I wouldn’t say this struggle changed me in a bad way. But it is something that I do need to work on, how am I gonna work on it?I’m not sure because I’ve been trying to work on it since I’ve started high school. And nothing seems to be changing if I could totally be honest with my self.

But I know I need to get better because when I get to college procrastination is most likely going to hurt me a lot, and I don’t want it to. Will it stop me from being successful no, because I wouldn’t let that happen. But will it cause me to get bad grades? Yes and we don’t want that to happen. Because school is so important.


Who am I. I’m black African-American, I grew up in a single-family home raised by my mostly my mother I wasn’t really raised to know the ghetto so that isn’t my life I wasn’t raised in a strict family but I was raised to know how to be respectful to have dignity, and to know my worth. When I walk into peoples houses I always say hi. I was taught to never disrespect my elders and if I would I will get in big trouble or anybody that was older than me I was always taught to respect them. respect was a really big thing with my family. But also going to school is a big thing with my family too. I will be the first in my family household to go to college and become something. Something that I’ve always wanted to be able to do so that makes me really happy that I will be the first. My mother is really protective over me so since she was so protective over me I can say I’m afraid a lot of things but that’s OK because at the same time I don’t let it stop me From doing anything. I didn’t grow up with money, but I did get what I needed, I never went hungry, or went to sleep starving. I always had what I needed even though my mother struggled . This help me see that in order to live you need to go to school and have a good job or else you will struggle.

My eleventh school year

To define this eleventh grade year I would say it was hectic, an eye opener, a good experience, and it made me realize the people you walk in with will not leave with you, and the people that did not start your journey will end your journey with you. ”HIGHSHOOL. it changes people into the person they said they’d never turn into.”(patioyarddesign)

when i started my eleventh year i was low key nervous, i had all my friends that i had started with i even meet new people that became my closests friends. The start was pretty hard I mean it’s a new year and it’s most definitely not like the years before. But I worked hard and did what I needed to do.

I accomplished a lot this year I was on the honor roll all year which has never happened before. The classes that I thought was going to be hard was actually not that difficult yes I struggled and yes I did wanna give up but I didn’t and that’s all that matters. I made my mother happy I made my family happy. Which made me nothing but happy. When I got my first report card and I seen that 85 overall average I was filled with nothing with happiness and joy I couldn’t that me someone who has struggled with school got an grade like that. Whew I could not believe it. It wasn’t easy to keep being on the honor roll all year but I seem to do it, so I’m not mad but even though I accomplished all this I still had challenges

One of the challenges was realizing that high school changes you in so many ways some bad some good me personally I think it was good for me. I still have the Same personality and the same attitude. But high school made me see that not everyone is your friend and that u will see people true colors also that you will be in other peoples relationship even though you aren’t in your own.